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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Give us a call! We will guide you through every step of the way. From in-home or in-shop appointments, consultation, fabric selection, design changes,etc.  You can also send us an email at:  Include a pic for a ballpark est.

A: Once picked up and in the shop, it usually takes between one and three weeks to complete, depending on the piece and fabric choice. Quality work is our priority.

A: What a piece costs to fully reupholster is a result of many factors. The size of the piece, the cost and repeat pattern of the selected fabric, special “touches” needed, etc. Give us a call at (269) 964-6094 and we can give you a pretty good estimate based on your description. Generally, upholstery is a bit less expensive than purchasing a new, quality piece. are gladly accepted.

A: Sometimes. COM (Customers Own Material) as it is referred to, may be used with our prior approval. Some material is simply not suited for the job. It would be your responsibility to obtain additional material, if necessary, regardless of the reason for the shortage. You will be asked to read and agree with our complete COM guidelines before we start any work.

A: We offer free pick-up and delivery within a reasonable distance. Further destinations will incur a small charge, usually $15-30.

A: We can do most repairs necessary to refurbish and reupholster your piece. We may find repairs necessary once the covering is removed that are not apparent until we start the job. If these repairs are significant, we will contact you. Minor repairs and touch-ups are a part of our normal service to you.