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Judi Wolford, Former Owner

Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that Judi has passed away.  Don't worry, she had trained a very well qualified upholsterer to take over for her.  Larry is more than capable and does outstanding work.  He maintains the professionalism, eye for detail, creativity, and quality that you have come to know from Creative Covering Upholstery.

                                                                      The following is in honor of Judi
Since Judi was a little girl growing up in Ann Arbor Michigan with her parents and two older sisters, she seemed to see art and creativity in everything. From setting the table, to holiday decorating, she always had an idea of how things could look better.  After graduating from Central Michigan University and working as a social worker for over 20 years, the opportunity arose for Judi to pursue one of her hobbies on a full time basis.  Upholstery became Judi’s new creative outlet. Not satisfied with simply putting fabrics on furniture, she always had the eye for making them a bit better, a bit more creative, and a bit more artful.

While Judi owns and operates Creative Coverings Fabrics & Upholstery on a full time basis, she has let her creativity infiltrate the furniture field with her unique creations with fabrics and frame styles.

In addition, Judi hand paints some of the upholstered pieces on the special order children's furniture.

Creativity never ends, it just gets more inspiring! Judi hopes to continue her inspirational and conceptual endeavors for years to come.

Larry now is not only running the company, but doing the upholstery as well.  He learned from Judi and is creative, honest, respectful, professional and very well capable.  Give Larry a call for any of your fabric or upholstery needs.  You will not be disappointed!

Company history
Started as a very small endeavor in her home, the company has grown to its current status.  Over the last 17 years, we have been in 4 different locations.  Finally settling on what we think is the perfect space to keep overhead under control, and prices reasonable.
Customer relations is our bread and butter
Having moved 3 times, we were apprehensive as to what effect that would have on business.  To our relief, our customers seek us out and find us no matter where we are!  We have always had the same telephone number throughout the years, and are always glad to hear from past customers.